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Marketing/PR Translation & Transcreation

We turn your marketing copy into readable, compelling Czech: brochures, flyers, catalogs, press releases, social media content, landing pages, or entire websites. Your readers won’t have to contend with cringe-worthy phrasing, questionable terminology or embarrassing errors. We also provide transcreation or copywriting services to perfectly adapt your ads to your target audience.

Make your product easy to use

Technical and
IT Translation

We give you a clear and accurate translation of your technical documents. We have a particular soft spot for mechanical and electrical engineering, industrial automation & automotive. Keeping up to date with the latest trends in the IT industry means that this sector is right up our alley and terms like “big data”, “SEO” and “UX” don’t exactly set our knees to knocking.

Streamline your UX

Software, App & Website Localization

We have plenty of experience in IT and a basic knowledge of programming and software development, so we can translate applications, both small and large, for a result that is technically accurate and user-friendly. We respect the OS-specific terminology (desktop or mobile) as well as your style guide. We’re also happy to translate SAP applications directly in SE63. SAPterm? Absolutely!

Two's a Team

We at Tatransky Translations are a team of two experienced translators and copywriters. The fact that we are able to sit at one desk and brainstorm during the whole translation and review process provides us with a competitive edge which geographically distributed teams can hardly beat. The result is a carefully crafted and well-written copy that does not read as a translation.

Karel Tatransky

Karel started his career in translation in 1998, working as an in-house translator in a boutique translation agency. In 2002, he felt that he needed a break from the language industry and had a brief affair with IT as a network administrator at a medium-sized manufacturer in the automotive industry, gaining valuable IT & SAP skills as well as insights into automotive manufacturing. After less than two years, he found that he prefers creative work with languages and started to freelance full-time at the end of 2003. In addition to marketing translation and transcreation, Karel also specializes in mechanical & electrical engineering and automotive translation.

Lucie Tatransky

Lucie’s career path started in a renowned law firm, moving up from front desk receptionist over legal secretary to personal assistant to one of the managing partners. Being a creative personality with exceptional organizing and communication skills, she accepted a position as account manager in an advertising agency specializing in BTL campaigns, managing high-profile national and international campaigns for famous brands such as SAB Miller or Unilever. After five years in the advertising industry, she pursued business studies in the US and, after returning back to Czech Republic, she joined Tatransky Translations, specializing in transcreation and software localization.


We work with dozens of direct clients and agencies. Our client base includes small and medium-sized engineering companies and automotive suppliers, high-profile online services, application developers as well as leading LSPs.
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